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At Almost Home General in Lincroft, N.J. – a locally owned café specializing in high-quality coffees and locally sourced, organic ingredients in all of its bakery items and prepared foods – we supplied a whole bunch of our Autumn mixed hardwood and 13-inch poplar brown board, which was used for a variety of applications throughout the space.

First up, the Autumn mixed hardwood was laid down as flooring, and the leftover pieces were used to create an accent panel on one of the walls in the customer dining area. The poplar brown board, meanwhile, was used in three different ways: as beam wraps to cover several existing steel supports, as complementary column wraps, and – for a few excess pieces – as product pedestals inside the bakery display case.

Fun fact: While poplar is a hardwood, it’s not a very hard wood. So yes, it’s strong; it’s just not as hard as most hardwoods, and, in fact, it has a hardness rating less than that of some species of cedar, which is a softwood. The more you know…

Up next, we’ll be creating a live-edge table for the coffee shop from one of our imported live-edge slabs, so check back soon for that update!

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