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Reclaimed Barn Doors

There’s a reason barn doors have become so popular: they lend unmistakable charm to any doorway or wall, from residential homes to commercial spaces, and everywhere in between. We manufacture custom barn doors right in our shop to meet the specific needs and design requests of our clients, and we also tend to keep in stock a few authentic barn doors that have been dismantled from various locations across the country, along with their original hardware.

Barn doors that are manufactured within our mill are typically constructed with our barn siding, which means that styles and colors will vary! If you’re interested in a custom door, we’d recommend that you swing by the showroom to take a peek at the materials we have in stock.

We can also supply the hardware to mount your new door – taking all of the guesswork out of the project for you. Come by the showroom, or email us at info@realantiquewood.com to see all of the available options.

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