Antique wood beams & mantels salvaged from barns and factories are living testaments to the craftsmanship of bygone eras, infusing homes and businesses with an unparalleled sense of character and charm.

Each beam and mantel bears the scars of time, showcasing the rugged beauty of the weathered grain and the natural imperfections that tell a story of generations past.

These massive pieces of wood originally served as structural supports in barns and factory floors. Today, they serve as much more than just architectural elements. Our reclaimed wood beams and mantels are living relics that enrich spaces with a legacy of artistry and enduring beauty.

Real Antique Wood offers beams and mantels in two primary styles – hand-hewn and rough-sawn. The hand-hewn and rough-sawn techniques used to build these beams a century ago adds character that cannot be found in new wood.

If antique wood beams or mantels are the charming nod to the past your space deserves, contact us below today!

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real antique wood reclaimed mantels hand hewn

Hand Hewn

Hand hewn wood beams are hand cut using a broad axe and adze to square the timber on its sides to the custom fitting of each beam on site. The craftsmanship of hand hewn beams is second to none. Hand hewn beams have a rich, rustic aesthetic that antique lovers admire, letting the lumber’s history speak for itself.

real antique wood reclaimed mantels rough sawn

Rough Sawn

Rough sawn lumber is when the wood is cut to size with a circular saw leaving a rough surface. Rough sawn wood has a less-rustic look when compared to hand hewn beams, and provides a cleaner antique aesthetic.

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