Recycling Barn Wood

Finding quality antique wood is the most important step in our process. Our team travels all across the United States to find antique barn wood to bring back to our mill in New Jersey.


Once the wood is back at our mill, our team of dedicated specialists comb through thousands of feet of wood and remove every nail by hand to ensure your wood product gets the proper Real Antique Wood treatment.

Stack & Sticker

Once the nails and metals are removed, we stack and inventory our wood so we always know what is in stock at all times.

Kiln Drying

Our wood is kiln dried to kill off any insects that may be living inside as well as to lower the moisture content of the wood. Kiln drying the wood is key to ensuring longevity.


We have numerous machines in-house to create many possible end-uses for our reclaimed wood.


One of the final steps in the RAW process is to mould the wood which gets it primed and ready for installation.

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