Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

At RAW, we don’t just create masterpieces; we ensure they’re perfectly placed in your space. From flooring to tables, walls, beams, and mantels, we bring your reclaimed wood dreams to life with passion and precision.

Why Choose RAW for Installation?

Expertise in Every Grain

We know our products inside and out. No one understands our reclaimed material’s unique character and imperfections better than we do. It’s this intimate knowledge that ensures your installation is flawless.

Beyond the Ordinary

Regular contractors may miss the nuances of reclaimed wood. DIY efforts, while commendable, might not capture the essence of the material. With RAW, you aren’t just getting an installer; you’re getting a true craftsman who appreciates the rustic charm and history embedded in every piece.

Value Beyond Cost

We pour our heart into every product we create. When we install, we ensure each piece is perfectly placed, preserving its history, and adding that special touch to your space. The right installer is invaluable; with RAW, you won’t have to think about paying twice.

Scheduling Made Easy

We understand the anticipation of seeing your reclaimed wood pieces come to life in your space. That’s why we’ve tailored our scheduling to suit you:

Flexible Timing

Our installation schedules are synced with the readiness and completion of your chosen material.

Weekend Availability

We’re here for you when most aren’t. Benefit from our dedicated site visits and installations on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

RAW's Promise

Every piece of reclaimed wood has a story. When you choose RAW for installation, you entrust us with its next chapter. We promise to honor its history, showcase its beauty, and ensure its journey continues seamlessly in your space.