Alternate Ending Beer Co.

We worked with Scott and his crew at Alternate Ending Beer Co. in Aberdeen Township, N.J., to create a series of acoustic ceiling panels from our square-edge brown board. The panels were installed overhead to absorb sound, mitigate background noise, and reduce the reverberation and echo in the loft-like space – creating a more soothing, ear-pleasing space for Alt End’s patrons to enjoy while they sip a beer or have a bite to eat.

Above the bar, marquee lighting was added to the brown board planks to mimic the feel of a theater, which was done as a nod to the building’s noted history as a one-time movie theater.

For this project, our brown board was chosen for its rustic feel, as well as the warmth it adds to the room. It is wood (typically a mix of pine and hemlock) that was reclaimed from the interior of a barn or other similar structure, and much of its charm comes from its beautiful, unpainted honey brown color and the original patina, saw marks and nail holes that we left untreated. While the boards were used specifically to create ceiling panels for this project, they can also be used for wall paneling, trim, shelving, furniture, flooring and more.

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