Westchester, NY

When you have a decisive yet easy-going client working with a super talented general contractor, it makes the experience of outfitting this idyllic space that much more exciting, allowing the creative juices to flow and the final act to ooze perfection!

This newly renovated bungalow-style home tucked alongside the Hudson River boasts a multitude of our products. Our American Classic flooring – a mix of red and white oak – perfectly complements our hard wood hand-hewn skins and oak shelving sourced from floor joists out of early 19th century Ohio barns. The kitchen island top was fabricated from curated doug fir timbers repurposed from an industrial building in Bloomfield, NJ.

Keeping with a rustic yet refined feel, we added a modern touch with our set-width flooring – giving the illusion of a more expansive layout. The flooring, paired with our hand-hewn skins allow the eye to travel from floor to ceiling and forcing visitors to immerse themselves in a “full 360 degree” experience.

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