Leonia, NJ

Although we did not provide the beautiful wood flooring in this home in Leonia, New Jersey, it featured heavily in our design plans. In the kitchen area, we created and installed a set of hand hewn white pine beams whose color, grain and texture perfectly complement the floors. And in the den, the hand hewn fireplace mantel accomplishes the same feat, helping to create a consistent look and feel across the homeowners’ main living spaces.

In the basement, we provided and installed more beams, another mantel and a set of doors – this time in two phases. First, we replaced what was the home’s original back doors with a set of silver siding barn doors to close off what is now a playroom, and we installed the hand hewn mantel atop the stone fireplace.

In Phase 2, we were tasked with helping the homeowners finish off their tray ceiling. We made a handful of L-shaped beam wraps to cover the existing soffits and ductwork, which required us to combine a few pieces together to get the right size and fit. And then we installed the rest of the ceiling beams accordingly to finish out the whole trayed look.

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