Val’s Tavern

At Val’s Tavern in Rumson, New Jersey, we supplied lots of our silver/gray barn siding and several planks of our Harvest mixed hardwood to help create a warm, rustic feel in the space. When you sit down at Val’s for a pizza and a beer, you’re surrounded by a sense of warmth that can only be achieved from the history and character that comes from reclaimed wood.

While our Harvest is most often utilized as flooring, at Val’s, it was actually used to create a bar top. Originally, the plan was for our team at Real Antique Wood to fabricate a custom bar top in our shop, but after the timeline for completion of the Tavern was moved up by several weeks, Val’s owners decided to create their own bar top instead. They built it from scratch using our Harvest mixed hardwood, and then they finished it off with a nice thick layer of epoxy for a silky smooth veneer.

Along the face of that same bar and one other, and all across one accent wall, the owners installed our silver/gray barn siding, which features a soft, unfinished texture and a beautiful gray color.

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