Industry Restaurant + Bar

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Industry Restaurant and Bar in Sparta, NJ, on a project that was close to our hearts. At Real Antique Wood, we have a passion for not only creating unique pieces, but also creating unique spaces that tell a story. So we were thrilled to work with Steve, the owner of Industry, who shared this passion for incorporating unique antique elements into his restaurant’s interior design.

Steve approached us with a vision of creating three unique walls as well as some beautiful, custom restaurant furniture that would add character and warmth. We knew right away that we’d be able to help bring his vision to life. We carefully selected materials and colors that would blend the industrial elements of the restaurant’s interior with some more organic tones brought on by the reclaimed barn siding. For the custom tables we selected some of our live-edge slabs to continue the organic tones throughout the restaurant seating area.

Each piece was crafted to perfection, ensuring it would stand the test of time and complement the restaurant’s overall design aesthetic.

When Industry Restaurant and Bar officially opened in July 2022, we were proud to see our work come to life. The custom walls and tables we created transformed the space into a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly captured Steve’s vision.

The collaboration between Real Antique Wood and Industry Restaurant and Bar was a testament to the power of passion and collaboration. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Steve and bring his vision to life. Check out Industry Restaurant + Bar for a good time and to see Real Antique Wood in the wild!

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