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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Everything we have in stock is U.S.A. wood only, all from original growth on our very own lands. It is our duty to salvage as much of the material as we can before it has been recycled or decomposed back to the earth.

Antique Flooring

Our wide plank flooring is 100% reclaimed from old barns, factories, and other antiquated structures. Everyone from private homeowners, to contractors and designers can find the perfect species to serve their design purposes.

Creative Design

Herringbone patterns, end-grain blocks and weaves, and other designs display an artistic flair to reclaimed and recycled antique wood. Customize your layout and enjoy a custom look showcasing decades of wear.

Meet Our Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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American Classic

real antique wood reclaimed flooring autumn




Hay Field

Old Pub

Old World Charm

Sand Dune

Summer Sunset

Pricing starts at $8.75 per square foot.

Our stock of reclaimed wood flooring is always updating as we continually dismantle and salvage antique wood. Stop by our showroom or give us a call to see what we’ve got!


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