Califon, NJ

In the heart of Califon, NJ, Real Antique Wood teamed up with a client who had a knack for perfect timing. Just as the ground was breaking, we were all set to roll up our sleeves and create something extraordinary.

Imagine this: super long lengths, seriously wide widths – the client wanted floors that made a statement. So, we whipped up a mix of hardwoods known as Autumn and crafted planks ranging from 7 to 10 inches wide. You won’t find these at your usual hardware store – as this wood is not easy to come across. It was originally gathered over eight hours away from an old barn in Attica, Ohio. Enormous beams were skillfully transformed into floorboards, some stretching up to an impressive 16 feet. With the client’s vision as our guide, we achieved a truly ‘seamless’ design, minimizing seams to enhance the open concept. And the installer couldn’t have done a better job putting everything together, resulting in some seriously stunning floors.

The real star of the show? A custom end grain walnut butcher block that’s as tough as it is good-looking. The client’s inspiration board initially had a plainer vision for this butcher block, but after a little chat, we decided to go all out for durability. And boy, did that make a difference. We grabbed some slabs from our showroom, cut ’em up, and pieced them together like a work of art. This bad boy took around 60 hours of craftsmanship to come to life.

We were fortunate enough to work with a client who turned to us for design help and was open to our suggestions. This kitchen is a testament to our commitment to crafting not only unique pieces, but also unique spaces that tell a captivating story.

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