Summit, NJ

These homeowners requested perfection, and that is exactly what we gave them. The 24-foot-long, rough-sawn beams that now span across the ceiling in their living room originally had a curve of less than 1 inch from end to end – already almost perfectly straight, and virtually unheard of for reclaimed beams of that size. But almost perfect isn’t perfect, so we straightened them out until no curve remained. For all of the beams, including the ones in the kitchen and master bedroom as well, we finished them off with a wire brush and a nylon abrasive scouring wheel to smooth out the faces of the beams and give them a truly finished look.

In the living room, we also built a petrified wood side table that sits atop a cold rolled steel base, and in the entryway, we provided the homeowners with a live-edge slab, finished with Osmo Polyx, which is being used as a bench.

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