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Reclaimed Boatwood

The Coastal Collection, an exclusive line of furniture from Real Antique Wood, is constructed from reclaimed, decommissioned Indonesian fishing boats that originated on the island of Java. Although the boats have reached the end of their lives as fishing vessels, they can now live on for countless generations as unique, handmade furniture. More commonly known in and around the Java region as “iron wood,” the collection is made from a particularly dense wood that is well suited to withstand the outdoor elements – and, ultimately, bring many years of enjoyment to your home. The years of layered paint that remain on each unique piece, weathered by time and the elements, create a striking, one-of-a-kind piece of functional art that is absolutely unmatched.

The Coastal Collection consists of an array of furniture pieces made from recycled and reclaimed fishing boats, as well as a collection of speciality decor elements – including hand-carved statues, driftwood sculptures, and more!

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